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iCare Home Tonometer

Home product image gallery square 9 1000×900The Icare® HOME tonometer is based on a rebound measuring principle that eye care professionals have come to trust. It is one of the first methods for 24HR monitoring outside normal clinic hours which may help identify IOP variations and spikes.

Several features make the Icare® HOME easy for patients to use. For instance, the unit’s built-in Icare® EyeSmart technology performs automatic OD/OS recognition. Positioning is also easy thanks to Icare® EasyPos, which uses red and green light signals to help patients correctly position the tonometer. The Icare® HOME also features Icare® AMS, an automated measuring sequence that can take either a single measurement or a series of six measurements with one touch of a button.

Self-tonometry with the Icare® HOME is designed to gather additional IOP information by the patient. The device records IOP, date, time, eye and a quality score which is not displayed to the patient. The data is retrieved by a health care provider via Icare® CLINIC software.